5 Ways to Work With Renaissance

There are 5 primary groups where we find our franchise consultant services deliver the greatest return on your investment. We’ve listed a sampling of projects and “how we can help” under each group below, including brand positioning, contracts, and agreements, but if you have a more customized need or request, contact us!

Emerging and Reemerging Franchisors
  • Competitive Comparison
  • Ignite Your Franchise Development
  • Develop the Right Team & Org Chart for Growth
  • Field Support Triggers
  • Ensuring your Franchise Agreement is Win-Win
  • Effective Planning for Scale & Rapid Growth
  • How to Build In Explosive Unit Economics
  • Market Analysis & Consistency for Territories
Mature Franchisor
  • Owner Profitability Groups to Spur New Growth
  • Review & Enhance Key Metrics and Scorecarding
  • Benefits of a Strong Advisory Council
  • Competitive Analysis & Comparison
  • Franchise Development Analysis
  • Create a Growth Mindset for Franchisees & Franchisor Team
    Profitability Analysis to Strengthen EBITDA
  • What’s Holding You Back from New Growth & Success?
Advisory Services and M&A Due Diligence
  • Brand Positioning for Growth
  • Operational Performance Metrics
  • Identifying Growth Inhibitors
  • Unit Economics Analysis
  • Process Integration to Accelerate Growth
  • Leadership Assessment & Development
  • Client Experience Analysis
  • Technology Feasibility to Scale
Brands Considering Franchising
  • Franchising Feasibility Review
  • Pro’s and Con’s Growing Your Brand via Franchising
  • Creating Documentation Required for Franchise Launch
  • Independent Business vs Franchisor
  • Legal & Operational Structure for Franchise Success
Franchise Suppliers
  • Building Successful Relationships with Franchisors
  • Benefits of Franchisor Endorsement vs Individual Franchisee
  • Consideration for Franchisor Budgetary process & Timing to Purchase

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about how we can accelerate your franchising growth. We'll respond quickly and are always happy to jump on a call to chat through your specific needs.

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